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Ice cream in a bag

Ice cream in a bag

Ice cream in a bag recipe by of 17-07-2017 [Updated on 12-02-2018]

L'ice cream in a bag it's ice cream home made most bizarre I've ever seen! It is prepared in no time, does not require an ice cream maker or freezer, does not dirty, and is delicious, what more can you ask for? To do this, you need 2 food bags with a zip (one larger than the other), ice and salt, as well as obviously the ingredients useful for preparing the flavor of the ice cream you have chosen to make.
You will not believe it but, by combining ice and salt, a perfect physicochemical reaction will be created (eutectic is its exact name) which will make both melt gradually, this will allow the ice cream mixture to take shape. A must try!
A single trick for the success of the ice cream is that you will have to shake everything vigorously, my arm muscles have been really put to the test but the whim of making the ice cream in a bag has been satisfied: P
I'll leave you with this morning's bizarre recipe and wish you a sweet Monday: *


How to make ice cream in a bag

Start preparing the ice cream by placing icing sugar, vanilla essence, cream and milk cold from the fridge in the clean bag.

Add the chocolate chips and close the bag.

Prepare the mixture in the largest bag.
Put the ice cubes and then the salt and shake to distribute the salt well.
Inside the same bag insert the smaller one in which you have prepared the ice cream.
Using kitchen pot holders, make sure that the mixture envelops all the ice cream and shake for about 10 minutes.
You will need to shake strongly and vigorously. in the end, when the ice is almost completely melted, you will get a mixture with the consistency of ice cream.

At this point the ice cream must have hardened.

Serve your ice cream in a bag by adding more chocolate chips to each bowl of ice cream.

And this is the video recipe

Video: Ice Cream in a Bag (January 2022).