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Puff pastry rolls with salami

Puff pastry rolls with salami

Recipe Puff pastry swirls with salami di of 17-12-2009 [Updated on 07-06-2016]

There is nothing better than a roll of puff pastry that you always have in the fridge for emergencies. The other night for dinner I didn't really know what to prepare given the impossible times we are doing at work and the impending fatigue ... so in order not to eat a cold sandwich or not to make the classic savory pie I opted to prepare some rolls of browse with what I had in the fridge, nice to look at and quick to prepare for those who want a snack and don't have much time :)
The ingredients and the procedure are superfluous, but I'll put them there anyway, it won't be a recipe that will revolutionize the kitchen, but these Salami puff pastry rolls can be a starting point for a quick dinner or for something to prepare when you have a buffet party :)


How to make Salami puff pastry swirls

Roll out the puff pastry on a floured surface and cover it with a layer of salami and a layer of thinly cut filatello.

Roll the dough up to form a roll

Cut the roll into large slices that you will place in a baking tray covered with parchment paper

Brush with a little milk and bake at 200 ° in a preheated oven. Cook the puff pastry rolls with salami for about 20 minutes.

Allow to cool before serving.

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